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Sing n Jam Music
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Our Journey

Baby Sing ‘n’ Jam was created in 2019 by married musicians Kelly and John Percival. After many years playing in bands and going to gigs, they weren’t ready to give up the buzz of live music. Now, they are parents to two young children under 6 and life has changed a tad! After discovering that there seemed to be a lack of family friendly concerts, they made it their mission to create a safe, fun and exciting musical experience that could not only be enjoyed by babies and toddlers but also by the grown ups too. We are so proud of how far Baby Sing ‘n’ Jam has come and hope that it continues to grow and flourish. There is literally nothing more exciting than seeing children feeling relaxed, happy and enjoying music.

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We believe in the power of music...

Music is a magic like no other. Magic that can do incredible and unexplainable things…

Babies are born with the ability to feel and move to music. We believe that listening to and performing music from an early age can have a positive impact and helps to create happy, confident children.

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